The Cantesanu Horns Yamaha 667 Customization Package has become widely known and has been offered now for many years. I have modified the Yamaha more and more until I arrived to a set of changes that make this already good horn a truly magnificent instrument. This is the original complete customization package that has started a trend in the horn world and helped making the 667 such a coveted instrument (I dare call it an "original package" because at the time when I started offering a complete customization package, I haven't heard of any other available). It is a "house specialty" for my shop and is offered at $1,500. The same package is now offered for the Yamaha 671 (replacement model for the Yamaha 667).

As with everything the shop offers, students receive a 10% discount. 

The conversion includes:

  • A new custom leadpipe
  • Structure/bracing reconfigured
  • Lacquer stripping
  • Hand lapped valves
  • Chemical cleaning