I use the medium Meinl Spun and Hand Hammered bells in the shop, and offer them as an easy customization for virtually any style of horns. I find these bells to be simply the best available, offering exceptional sound qualities such as rich harmonics, clarity and projection. The original Alexander rings I use can be easily modified to properly fit the bell and to meet the diameter of other horns using the same type of ring; other bell rings such as Schmid and Yamaha are an option by request, at additional cost. Shipping is calculated for North America, please contact me for a shipping quote if you'd like to have a bell shipped internationally.

A complete bell+tail can be custom fitted to your horn as well. With bending and installation done in the shop, the cost is $2,300 for a Hand Hammered and $2000 for a Regular complete bell.

As with everything the shop offers, students receive a 10% discount. Write a note along with your PayPal purchase or send an e-mail afterwards and I will refund $70, or $100 respectively.

Meinl Bell