The Schimd Custom Slides have been offered on and off for a few years and are now again available. Made from the same materials and using the same brass processing techniques as the custom horns I offer, these slides are being used by professionals from orchestras such as the Metropolitan Opera, Boston Symphony, Houston Symphony, Seattle Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony and many others on their Schmid double and triple horns.

What to expect from these custom slides: a deepening and darkening of the sound, as well as taking away the edges of the box the horn seems to restrict a player to. The slots become wider and more even. 

I personally didn't believe a set of slides would make such a tremendous difference, until I tried them myself on a horn. The improvement is immediately obvious.

The slides come as a set, for now limited to the Schmid double horn and the High F triple horn model.

As with everything the shop offers, students receive a 10% discount. Write a note along with your PayPal purchase or send an e-mail afterwards and I will refund $37.

Schmid Custom Slide Set