Upgrading the leadpipe on a horn is the most cost effective investment towards a better instrument. Bent to fit properly on each particular make of horn, the Cantesanu Leadpipe has been installed on instruments such as Rauch, Berg, Lewis, Hill, Paxman, Medlin, Alexander, Kuhn, Schmid, Yamaha, Conn, Holton, Hoyer, Lawson, Otto, and others with exceptional results.

Extensive research and trials have resulted in a truly great Leadpipe, a component I found to be most important. Originally designed for the Cantesanu Double, this leadpipe is an improvement not only for Geyer style horns but also for other designs, notably so for the Conn 8D and Alexander 103.

Along with the carefully designed taper, what helps make this leadpipe extra ordinary is the state of the brass material it is made of. Processed the same way as for the horns I make, the brass of the leadpipe is Alive.

Benefits to your horn: a clean and focused sound core, excellent attack response, evenly spaced pitch slots, smooth slurs, and a full range of harmonics that provide a rich and projecting sound. The leadpipe is well balanced, free blowing and even throughout all registers. 

Templates for various models are available. A template may be required to ensure a proper fit on your horn, however this is easily done.

The leadpipe comes with an Amado water-key and installation is free of charge if done in the shop. A leadpipe can be made with either an American or a European shank receiver.



Custom Leadpipe