The Custom Leadpipe has been installed on numerous horn designs throughout the years. Here are a few recent written feedbacks I have received from players benefiting from the upgrade. Please visit this page often as it will be updated regularly.

I’m a big fan of the Cantesanu leadpipe. It has an almost magical ability to offer the security and focus of a medium bore leadpipe when soft playing is required, yet it is open and free-blowing when it’s time to increase the volume. The middle and low ranges of my horn are now much more locked in, slurring across the range is smooth, and I really like the way my horn now has a live, buzzy ring to it at louder dynamics.
The bottom line is, the Cantesanu leadpipe makes my horn feel easier to play without me having to compromise on sound.
— Jonathan Eddie, Paxman 20L - London, UK
Wow, JUST WOW! Your pipe re-defines the high register it slots very nicely and makes the high range almost silly easy on my horn. Where it REALLY shines though is the mid to pedal register. I don’t feel as if the mid to register of my horn is backing up anymore. Very clear and responsive attacks, easy blowing, and most importantly - stable intonation on both sides of my Alex. I never could have imagined that my near 50 year old horn could play this easily. It’s like my Alex has had a complete makeover! Thank you, thank you!
— Tom Gellert, Alexander 103 - New York, USA
Felix’s leadpipe has enhanced my sound and streamlined my playing on my Rauch. I have gained colors, volume, and most importantly - more efficiency! When deciding to change, I had a team of musicians out in our hall listening back to different leadpipes. Every single time they chose the Cantesanu! I am extremely happy with the results.
— Julia Filson, Rauch - Hawai'i Symphony Orchestra
I played my 103 with your leadpipe at rehearsal last night and I don’t think I have anything to say that you haven’t heard before. It’s just about exactly the way you describe on your website. It’s like having a new, easier to play horn with better intonation. The horn feels more open, alive and takes much less effort. I really didn’t expect the improvement to be so dramatic. I love it!
— Tom Werner, Alexander 103 - UK
I am loving my new lead pipe. It has been fun getting to know my horn a little better. It feels like a totally different instrument. It plays much more smoothly and my flat high G is finally in tune now. Thank you so much for improving my horn so much.
— Scott Dickson, Conn 8D - USA
You have done really great work! The leadpipe fits perfectly and it gives a big improvement to the horn. The sound is more precise, compact, responding and focused, particularly in the high register. Really an artisan masterpiece!! Congratulations!
— Giuseppe Carly, Geyer Style Horn - Italy
The lead pipe has been playing absolutely beautifully. I have gotten many compliments on it.
— Kurt Heichelheim, Yamaha 667 - USA
Thank you so much for the leadpipe! It fits very well with Alexander and is amazing!!! I will spread the word of your mastery on this side of world!!
— Mattias Vihmann, Alexander 503 - Estonia
I love my new pipe, besides the fact that it is really a great work of craftsmanship, it is pretty. The new pipe seems to implement a more centered core sound. This core of sound is consistent and rich throughout my register. It sounds slightly bigger and fuller too.
— Cynthia Hutton, Schmid Double - USA
Felix - just picked up my horn with the new leadpipe from the shop and I am stunned! Well done on this one!!! It’s like skating on freshly-sharpened skates and freshly Zambonied ice. The notes just find themselves. Thank you so much! Can only imagine what a full one of your horns does!!!
— Andy, Holton 178 - USA