The Custom Leadpipe has been installed on numerous horn designs throughout the years. Here are a few recent written feedbacks I have received from players benefiting from the upgrade. Please visit this page often as it will be updated regularly.

I’m a big fan of the Cantesanu leadpipe. It has an almost magical ability to offer the security and focus of a medium bore leadpipe when soft playing is required, yet it is open and free-blowing when it’s time to increase the volume. The middle and low ranges of my horn are now much more locked in, slurring across the range is smooth, and I really like the way my horn now has a live, buzzy ring to it at louder dynamics.
The bottom line is, the Cantesanu leadpipe makes my horn feel easier to play without me having to compromise on sound.
— Jonathan Eddie, Paxman 20L - London, UK
Wow, JUST WOW! Your pipe re-defines the high register it slots very nicely and makes the high range almost silly easy on my horn. Where it REALLY shines though is the mid to pedal register. I don’t feel as if the mid to register of my horn is backing up anymore. Very clear and responsive attacks, easy blowing, and most importantly - stable intonation on both sides of my Alex. I never could have imagined that my near 50 year old horn could play this easily. It’s like my Alex has had a complete makeover! Thank you, thank you!
— Tom Gellert, Alexander 103 - New York, USA
Felix’s leadpipe has enhanced my sound and streamlined my playing on my Rauch. I have gained colors, volume, and most importantly - more efficiency! When deciding to change, I had a team of musicians out in our hall listening back to different leadpipes. Every single time they chose the Cantesanu! I am extremely happy with the results.
— Julia Filson, Rauch - Hawai'i Symphony Orchestra
I played my 103 with your leadpipe at rehearsal last night and I don’t think I have anything to say that you haven’t heard before. It’s just about exactly the way you describe on your website. It’s like having a new, easier to play horn with better intonation. The horn feels more open, alive and takes much less effort. I really didn’t expect the improvement to be so dramatic. I love it!
— Tom Werner, Alexander 103 - UK
I am loving my new lead pipe. It has been fun getting to know my horn a little better. It feels like a totally different instrument. It plays much more smoothly and my flat high G is finally in tune now. Thank you so much for improving my horn so much.
— Scott Dickson, Conn 8D - USA
You have done really great work! The leadpipe fits perfectly and it gives a big improvement to the horn. The sound is more precise, compact, responding and focused, particularly in the high register. Really an artisan masterpiece!! Congratulations!
— Giuseppe Carly, Geyer Style Horn - Italy
The lead pipe has been playing absolutely beautifully. I have gotten many compliments on it.
— Kurt Heichelheim, Yamaha 667 - USA
Thank you so much for the leadpipe! It fits very well with Alexander and is amazing!!! I will spread the word of your mastery on this side of world!!
— Mattias Vihmann, Alexander 503 - Estonia
I love my new pipe, besides the fact that it is really a great work of craftsmanship, it is pretty. The new pipe seems to implement a more centered core sound. This core of sound is consistent and rich throughout my register. It sounds slightly bigger and fuller too.
— Cynthia Hutton, Schmid Double - USA
Felix - just picked up my horn with the new leadpipe from the shop and I am stunned! Well done on this one!!! It’s like skating on freshly-sharpened skates and freshly Zambonied ice. The notes just find themselves. Thank you so much! Can only imagine what a full one of your horns does!!!
— Andy, Holton 178 - USA
The leadpipe is great. Thank you for making that for me. It focuses the sound on my horn and makes it blow and sound more like an Alexander without the resistance you might associate with some of their designs. I’m using this leadpipe all the time at the moment because I find the extra focus helpful.
— Matt Crossley, Patterson-Hoyer 6802 - UK
The new leadpipe is simply fantastic! The horn has improved a lot! Beautiful sound, from p to fff. Great uniformity in all registers! Thank you!!!
— Ambrogio Mortarino, Schmid Double - Italy