The wait period for a Cantesanu Double varies, approximately 5 months now, please contact us for more details. The current price for a horn is $11,000 USD, this will go up to $12,500 as of October 1st. Orders at the current price are still being accepted until then. Included as standard options: a detachable bell, an adjustable thumb lever & finger hook, an Amado water-key on the leadpipe and a custom leather hand guard. The horn comes, as designed, with a Regular (spun) Meinl bell. A Hand Hammered bell is optional (this will add $300 to the order). A case is not included, however a Cantesanu Horns edition MB-7 case is offered at a discounted rate.

A deposit of $2,500 USD is required for ordering a horn. This deposit is a commitment to purchase the instrument once completed, and is used to acquire all the materials needed and so it is not refundable. Receipt of this deposit will put your name on the list for the next horn available and locks in the current price. The remaining balance is due upon completion, at pick-up or before shipping. Alternatively, the whole sum can be accepted at the time of order. There are no returns, however you can rest assured the quality of the horn you will receive is every bit the same as every other horn I've made. I take pride in my work, consistency and quality are my top priorities, and know that every instrument I make is carrying my shop's reputation into the world.

As with everything the shop offers, students receive a 10% discount on instruments as well. 

Handcrafting a Cantesanu horn: